Choose from our Shower Grab Rails

Shower grab rails are an essential part of bathroom safety. Our products can help prevent slips or falls on wet or uneven surfaces. Our range comes in various configurations so that you can find a product that will suit your space. We can also assist with the custom creation of stainless-steel grab rails if you have an oddly shaped space or want more customised support. At SureCare, we also supply wrap around shower grab rails if you’re looking to have support hardware on multiple walls. Browse our full range of shower handrails below.

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Prevent Falls

Falls and slips can lead to serious injury. For the aged or those who are mobility challenged, traversing a bathtub or shower can be a seemingly impossible task. With obstacles and slippery surfaces, there is always the potential for a harmful fall. These can lead to serious injuries such as head injury, broken bones or fractures and pulled muscles or ligaments. These injuries can cause trauma to bodies and are entirely preventable. Featuring safety bars such as shower handrails in all bathrooms has the potential to preclude bad falls and make the area more inclusive to everybody who uses it. Shop our range of stainless-steel grab rails to increase the safety of your bathroom today.

The SureCare Difference

Not only do we sell these safety products such as shower grab rails, but we also manufacture them. SureCare has been in business since 1991. Since then, we’ve been diligently producing and providing access to quality safety handrails and sanitary hardware. We also offer access to other well-known brands, rounding out our selection with various products from other companies. Our clients love that we offer such a wide variety of products. Our customer service team is always available to assist you should you need help finding the right product for your space or would like to discuss how we can help. We also work with architects and builders to ensure that your project will be fully compliant with AS1428.1 2009.