Bariatric Bathroom Safety Rails

Finding the correct bariatric bathroom handrail is an important step in the completion of any hospital, aged care facility or public building. These specially designed products make it easier for bariatric patients to use the bathroom and can help reduce the discomfort and embarrassment caused by being forced to use a toilet without these in place. In order to offer an inclusive and supportive bathroom experience, we offer access to a variety of bathroom safety rails that support both lateral and downward weight limits that are in line with bariatric patient’s needs. Browse our full range of bariatric bathroom safety rails below.

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Fitting Out Your Space

We recommend using the straight grab rails in conjunction with a number of our other bariatric products, such as shower rails. These straight rails are multi-functional and can be used beside toilets or near showers to provide an extra point of support for those who need it. Our bariatric products can be customised to suit any space. If you’re planning a new build, a refurbishment, or just want to fit out an existing space, we can help. At SureCare, we work closely with builders and architects to ensure that your space is correctly fitted and that you have the products you need, where you need them. We frequently work with facilities such as aged care and hospitals and have helped many clients understand the need for these products.

Get to Know Us

SureCare is a specialised bathroom safety expert. We sell and manufacture bathroom safety fixtures to create spaces that are accessible for all. Having worked in the industry for over three decades, we’re a knowledgeable team that provides access to a full catalogue of safety fixtures. We’re a proudly Australian, family-owned and operated company with a passion for the work we do. We have an extremely caring and driven customer service team who aim to take care of our clients and ensure they have the best products on the market. We will be with you every step of the way and help you decide which products would suit your facility. If you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to get in touch.