Sturdy Grab Rails

SureCare’s range of durable and quality grab rails are made for a variety of purposes and areas. Ranging from toilet and shower grab rails to wrap around or drop-down grab rails, we have it all. Grab rails are essential for facilities catering to those with disabilities or the elderly as they provide secure places to hold onto while transitioning from sitting to standing or preventing slips and falls. These assisted movement devices will make all areas easy to reach and accessible. With a diverse range of products, we can cater to any sized room with ease. Browse our full range of grab rails below to find the one that fits your space

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Types of Grab Rails

At SureCare, we carry a full range of grab rails. Toilet grab bars rails are handy for moving from sitting to standing, or vice versa. These provide a stable point from which to anchor oneself, offering a helping hand to those who need it. Shower grab rails are essential for bathroom areas that will be used by the elderly or those who require assistance moving across slippery surfaces.Drop down grab rails provide additional support where a wall doesn’t sit adjacent to the toilet. These easy to pull down rails don’t obstruct your space and are convenient options for areas where they are only needed some of the time. Choose from one type or mix and match to get the setup that works for you.

About SureCare

Operating since 1991, SureCare was created to enable the aged and the impaired to live a safer, more comfortable life. Our goal is to make more places accessible to all. We’re a reputable and established company that offers a full catalogue of quality products backed by our friendly customer service team. Our products are frequently installed in schools, private residences, hospitals, public buildings and aged care homes. We can work with architects and builders to integrate our products into new builds or refurbishments so that they sit cleanly and unobtrusively. With a reputation for excellence, we provide any and all sanitary hardware and grab rails that you might need at your facility.