Anti Ligature Products

Our range of anti-ligature products allows you to get the bathroom safety products you need in your facility while also ensuring there are no ligature points. Our anti-ligature shower grab rails, toilet grab rails, clothes hooks, and other sanitary hard ware are all designed to reduce or prevent ligature incidents Grab rails in this range have been specifically designed to prevent ligature incidents whilst still complying with AS1428.1 2009. The clothes hooks allow a small load to be placed onto it, such as coats or clothes but collapse under more significant weight burdens. Browse our full range of anti-ligature products below.

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Preventing Self-Harm

Anti-ligature products are essential in environments where there is a risk for self-harm or injury. Our specially designed products work to reduce this risk by eliminating fixing points where rope or bed sheets could be attached. We do this by eliminating space between fixtures and walls, thereby eliminating ligature points. These products are for prevention and should be installed by a professional. We frequently work with hospitals and mental health facilities to ensure that they have the appropriate products for these environments. When normal bathroom fixtures don’t work, we provide a safer option. We work directly with architects and builders on projects so that we can advise on the correct products to use.

Shopping with SureCare

SureCare is a renowned bathroom safety fixture company that has been operating for three decades. We offer professional-grade products suitable for hospitals, aged care and public buildings Our customer service team is exceptionally dedicated to our work and always keeps our client’s satisfaction as their top priority. We are very passionate about our industry and want to create more accessible spaces for Australians. As a manufacturer we can hold our products to our own high standards, ensuring the best on the market for our clients. SureCare can help by making sure you have the best products suited to your specific space when looking for anything from bariatric to anti-ligature products.